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Spring has sprung.

Life is cyclical. We aren't meant to go in a straight line, or to progress on a constant incline. Life is full of ups & downs. We have a big win, then we take a setback. You fall down, then you take a huge leap forward. We go through cycles of healing, growing, and thriving. We're constantly bouncing between the three, and in no particular order. Only one thing is known, you cannot thrive during times of healing and growth.

I've found that lots of individuals' tend to be in sync with their environment. Similar to nature going through seasons, so do we. And spring is a season of rebirth. It's a time of new beginnings. A season of renewal and growth. A time to focus on resetting, replenishing, and be

coming the most authentic version of yourself.

The time is now.

Hit that gym.

Eat those greens.

Quit that unfulfilling job.

Find that career you love.

Start meditating.

Spend more time with your littles.

Take that trip you've always wanted.

Spring. A season to plant seeds. A season for growth. A season for action. A season for us to do great. A season to be the best you that you can be.

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