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Should My Child Have a Chiropractor?

More and more people are bringing their children to the chiropractor, but it's still a huge question mark for the majority of people. Chiropractors help with headaches, neck pain, and back pain right? So why would a children, let alone an infant benefit from chiropractic care?

Well first let’s clear up some common misconceptions.

Chiropractic was never intended to be a treatment for back pain and headaches. Chiropractic was developed as a natural approach to help the body function at it’s absolute highest capacity. Chiropractic influences the nervous system, the control system of the body. The nervous system is responsible for all of our expression — energy levels, immune system function, organ function, brain function, growth, adaptability, h e a l t h…it’s all controlled by your nervous system.

Even infants can have subluxation, or interference in their nervous system. Subluxation is a result of the body’s inability to adapt to an outside stress. Those stressors can be chemical (like medications, or poor diet), physical (trauma, injuries, or poor posture), or emotional. These areas of interference in the spine, cause the body’s control system to function at a lower level, making an individual more prone to illness and resulting difficulty healing.

Remove the interference, and you see a positive holistic impact on one’s health. And the research is piling up!

A few stats:

• There is a .53% chance of children having a mild adverse reaction to chiropractic (most likely being soreness)

• Children under chiropractic care show increased quality of life

• Pregnant people under chiropractic care have a decreased incidence of birth interventions

• Patients whose primary care provider was a chiropractor saw 60% fewer hospital admissions and 85% less in pharmaceutical costs

• Many parents report improved sleep, digestion, and nursing in infants

• Less illness and infections with speedier recovery

• Better growth and development

• Improved posture and coordination

The body was made to self heal and self regulate, and regular chiropractic care in sets children up for a lifetime of fewer health issues, and greater expression of L I F E.

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