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Animal Chiropractic and Immune Support in Pets

A common misconception about chiropractic, either for people or for animals, is that it just helps bad backs or a sore neck. But it is so much more than muscles or bones. The true backbone of chiropractic - pun intended - is boosting the nervous system. And what does the nervous system run? Everything! That includes the immune system.

The nervous system runs through the spine. If there is a lack of movement or a locked joint in the spine, it can cause a host of issues. The cut-off nervous system can not properly filter information traveling to and from the brain to the rest of the body preventing the body from running at full capacity. Chiropractic helps remove that problem or stuckage (I made that word up) and gets the nervous system back to running at its best.

Animal chiropractic is about optimizing your pet’s nervous system to function at a higher level. Basically, it’s the closest way to become a superhero. The immune system is hardwired into the nervous system. They work together to adapt and heal your pet’s body.

Animal chiropractic can help your pet’s overall health in many ways. One of those is by boosting the immune system to better do its job. By stimulating the nervous system, an adjustment helps the body function at its full fighting potential against any bacteria, foreign body, infection or supervillain that might try to threaten your pet. This could be something as simple as seasonal allergies or even the dreaded chronic ear infection. Regular chiropractic care can help prevent recurring infections or reduce the number of flare ups because chiropractic is working with the animal's body to build a stronger and more efficient immune system.

The body has its own natural immune response when it gets sick or injured. The nervous system sends out a response team to help clean damaged or affected cells and sends cells to promote restructuring and healing. All of that response information is sent through the nervous system. The body works to create white blood cells and antibodies to fight infection. Just think of it as the body’s own team of Avengers going to the point of danger to save the day! Chiropractic makes sure the body is working at the highest level possible so that information gets where it needs to go quickly, which shortens healing time. Better immune response can help the body heal faster from sickness, injury or even surgery.

The best benefit to an animal is to correct any subluxation (not a made up word) and restore the nervous system - or wake it up - to do its job, before we start seeing major issues. With chiropractic we are working to improve the immune system, prevent disease and promote healing.

It is sometimes hard to see how improving the immune system can really benefit your pet because it is more on a cellular level and thus might go unnoticed or seem unimportant. But, it is those small, micro-level, cellular changes that greatly affect a pets overall health. And perhaps more importantly, help prevent larger issues. Making sure the nervous system and immune system are functioning properly is the key to improving health, preventing future issues and maintaining an upper hand against any supervillain.

Dr. Hermes


Certified in Animal Chiropractic

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